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The magic comes in the editing

Every good podcast comes with the final edit. So many people think that a podcast comes with the first recording. That is so far from the truth, whether you are having an interview or a monologue so many things can go wrong and this is why editing your podcast is an important aspect of any podcaster’s journey. This can be somewhat intimidating, but it is much easier than you might have pictured it in your head. I can remember when I first started to edit my podcasts, it made me feel so overwhelmed with the process. This changed fast for me because I found that editing was much easier than I had imagined the process to be. I can also tell you that my podcasts came out so much better, I could take out the parts that I did not want in my final episode, which itself was a game-changer. Little did I know but this process of learning was also good for my self-confidence it helped me see that I could do things that I never thought that I could learn. Today you have so many choices when it comes to editing your podcast and we see the options keep growing and adding so many exciting new ways to make your final episode sound the best it can. I love to explore all of the exciting SAAS products that keep showing up however, I feel that every podcaster should learn the basics of podcast editing. We have so many DAWs that we can choose from and many free options that help make it possible for everyone to discover their potential in podcast editing. Now that we have so many ways to polish our creations, it enables many people who might have been intimidated by using a traditional DAW to edit a podcast episode with little or no tech skills. We should take the time to develop our production process with the least stress possible. Sometimes we should hand certain portions of the process to a team that can handle the job with the least inconvenience for your production process. No matter how you edit your podcast episodes, taking the time to edit your episodes will make the overall finished episode shine. So, it doesn’t matter if you are producing an audio podcast or a video podcast, editing will always make your final episode look and sound much better. Taking out some filler words can help polish the episode by not having your listener turned off by the repetitive ums and ahs that so many of us use in our speech patterns. Taking some of the dead space out when we have long pauses can help your listeners have a better listening experience, this might help them decide to come back and enjoy your next episode or even share it with others. Let’s face the facts we all can be better if we polish the final podcast episode. Once you have taken the time to understand the basics of podcast editing, you will wonder why you were not editing your podcast from the very start. Remember that we will continue to put out various things that can help you with your podcasting journey. Make sure that you check out the Podcaster resources section of the website.

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