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It's Not Always About Money! 💵💰💲

Welcome to PodCreations. I started thinking about how many podcasters are heavily focused on monetizing their podcasts. This often leads them to lose touch with the content or message they are trying to produce. This industry-wide problem often leads to what we call “Podfade.” It is so much better when we focus on the art or the meaning of the message that we want to portray to our listeners.

I started PodCreations to help change the direction of this type of thought into a more connected environment where podcasters can feel that the creation is much more than the need for money. We all want our creations to add value to the podcasting space. However, many of us equate value with money, losing sight of the more valuable aspect of giving. I once was told that you must give to receive genuinely. How true I found this to be!

PodCreations will never be just about money. We have our sights on a collective force to help change our world. I understand that you need money to make dreams come true; that is more of the reason I started PodCreations. I want to make money and feel great about contributing to our space just as much as the next person, just like you, I would assume.

This brings me to the reason for this post. I believe that some of us prioritize helping others over making money. However, I think that this person should benefit from life the most, and we often know this to be the opposite of what is happening.

Our goal is to find people who are interested in helping others and growing a meaningful network of creators. We aim to create a platform that attracts advertisers seeking a more ‘human-minded’ space for their advertising budget. So, if you share this vision and would like to join us in creating a more profitable and meaningful process, please get in touch. information@podcreations.website.

It All Starts With You!

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